The Best way to visit the Sahara desert with

The Sahara desert

The trip to Morocco and the opportunity to visit the Sahara desert itself! Visiting the Sahara is a unique, different journey that is worth doing once in a lifetime and that will make you experience sensations worthy of being remembered.

Join TourSahara for a camel trek through the Sahara desert with nothing around you. As you travel in the vast solitude and silence of the Sahara echoing the imprint of lives before, The only thing that breaks the silence is are the footsteps of the camel on the soft sand, you will discover the mystery of the desert… And at night by the Campfire, you will feel the peace of the Sahara desert, under a million stars.


Located in the Sahara itself, the desert of Merzouga is the largest desert in Morocco. It is known among locals as Erg Chebbi and has nothing more and nothing less than 28 km of extension from north to south. Some of its dunes can reach 160 meters in height.

It is one of the favourite Morocco Tours for travellers visiting Marrakech & Fes. An excursion that consists of spending a night in the desert, and thus be able to enjoy a sunset and a sunrise there. Although you can stay two nights and enjoy a full day between dunes and under the light of the stars, and the disconnection of living surrounded by dunes The decision could not be more successful!


TourSahara offers to people who are looking for adventure, To get to Merzouga desert you only need to book one of our Desert trips package that’s starting from Marrakech, Fes and anywhere in Morocco to the Sahara. There’s another way to get to Merzouga desert, you can also get to the desert by your own rental car and join one of our Camel trek tours.

Our Desert trips Packages allow you to explore the great desert and give you the pleasure to discover all the way between Marrakech and the desert such as the Atlas Mountains and Berber villages with the most amazing views. You can choose between Camel trips or Jeep tour. Or you can hike, even with camels, an experience that lets the spirit of the Nomads come to life again.


On all our tours you will visit the Sahara of Merzouga and you’ll spend one or two night in the desert camp. During the Camel trek, we offer you the opportunity to deepen your experiences of the desert, the sunset, the sunrise and the starry sky is one of the best moment that you can get in Merzouga desert.

You can not understand the desert without its most typical animals and in Morocco, they are the camels ( dromedaries ). There are plenty of excursions that can be to see the sunrise and the sunset.

we offer a wide range of services, and we can customize itineraries to meet the requirements of our guests based on the number of days available, the number of group members. The prices include accommodation with half-board, Experienced driver English speaking, vehicles, camels, tents entertainment… and much more.

Are you ready to go on an exciting exploration? Feel like walking part of the way together with us in the dunes of the Sahara? Then we welcome you to TOURSAHARA.COM!